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Craig Sargent and David Hillyard are two classroom teachers. Both with a degree in computer science, and over 20 years experience teaching in comprehensive secondary schools in England.

Our aim is to help you prepare for your computer science exams. 

We have a video to teach you the theory for EVERY bullet point of your course specification.

These aren’t generic videos, these are EXACTLY matched to the requirements of YOUR course.


Covering every specification point of the OCR J276 GCSE computer science specification.



Covering every specification point of the OCR H046 and H446 computer science specifications.


Covering every specification point of the AQA 7516 and 7517 computer science specifications.

Coming in 2019

AQA GCSE computer science.




Introducing Smart Revise

Do you seem to forget everything you have been taught?

We have a solution for you! 

Revision Webinars 

In the spring term, as your exams approach, Craig ‘n’ Dave can help you with your revision.

Interact with us and follow along as we tackle walking-talking mock papers with you live.

Exam Technique 

Watch our video to understand how to answer exam questions using the command words.

GCSE Revision

We have teamed up with CDM Education to bring you an amazing tool to help with learning and revision. 

A’level Revision

A set of handy reference sheets and other resources to help you learn and prepare for exams.

Are you a teacher who has stumbled upon our website for students? 


Did you know we have a site just for teachers, with a premium service providing you with classroom resources to use with our videos? Click the link to take a look…